Sound Emblem provides sounds and jingles to use in your videos, streams, podcasts, or commercials. We have a variety of sounds in our stock library available to use in your videos, ads, etc. for an affordable price. As your brand grows, we can also provide custom jingles, custom sound design, custom background music, custom Alexa skill sounds, and more.

How it works

We created a library of stock sounds available at an affordable price for your brand audio and video content. 

When you download your audio, it'll ask for your email. We'll use this to send an occasional email when we have new blog posts, a new batch of sounds, etc.

As your brand grows, we hope that your sound design and sonic branding grow with it! Eventually, using custom sounds becomes a better brand choice than sound logos from our stock library. If you're ready for this step, please send us some more information about your upcoming project here.