Should You Have a Jingle for Your Brand?

Person singing and playing jingle on ukulele

[Post originally published on Medium at this link] Our digital age offers more potential marketing channels than ever. Today, the options for marketing, promoting, and crafting an identity for your brand or business can overwhelm all but the most savvy marketing team. When planning your marketing and brand strategy, one consideration is how your brand relates to key human senses - primarily, sight and hearing. Most companies already focus heavily (if not solely) on sight - the visual design aspect of branding. However, something that’s often lacking in a brand voice is, well, the brand’s voice. What does the brand sound like?

Here we’ll explore the questions “What exactly is a jingle?” and “Do I even need one?”

What is a Jingle?

A jingle is a tune or a song that is used for marketing purposes. It’s usually short and catchy - and the product, brand, or service itself is advertised as part of the lyrics. While jingles typically include lyrics that tout the brand offerings, they may also just be recognizable instrumental pieces or melodies. Or in the best case scenario, the melody becomes so recognizable that listeners recognize it even with the lyrics stripped away (i.e. “Nationwide is on your side”).

While most jingles are custom made for the brand, popular songs might even be re-cut and re-purposed to promote the brand or product. While this may not provide a unique brand voice, it does allow you to “piggyback” the song’s popularity. 

Why Jingles are Important for a Brand

Jingles go a long way in forming and maintaining the identity of a brand - connecting another sense of the audience with the brand’s identity over radio ads, videos, commercials, or any other opportunity audio is used to interact with customers...

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