Promoting Your Alexa Skill

Image of promoting an alexa skillYou’ve just completed building an Alexa skill for your company or brand, but your work is not yet done. To make sure that it reaches the right audience and fully maximizes its potential, you need to promote it. There are thousands of Alexa skills in the market and if you really want yours to get noticed - you have to put in work. While this might seem like a herculean task due to the very large market, it is not impossible. There are practical and effective ways which can help more people to discover, use, and repeatedly use your Alexa skill. From optimizing the Alexa skill itself to making use of social media, here are a few ways to promote your Alexa skill.

Feature the Alexa Skill on your Website

If your company or business has a website then you are right on track. If the website packs in a huge amount of traffic, that’s even better. You should write about your Alexa skill, include necessary links, how-to articles, FAQs, and publish it on your website. Most importantly, be sure to give it a perfect space on the website’s homepage. Visitors to the site are more likely to see it this way and before long, more people would be using your Alexa skill.

Add Sounds

Simply adding sounds via the Alexa skill sound can be all the difference your Alexa skill needs. Audio content has actually been proven to improve user experience and even Amazon recognizes this. Hence, the feature was added to the Alexa platform sometime last year - you should take advantage of it. How to go about this? 

Amazon has a library of stock sounds available to use. You can use those, or you can use your own custom sounds by uploading MP3 files and referencing those. The stock sounds listed tend to be more generic sounds without melody (swoosh, jets, horse, etc.). That may be perfectly fine for what you need. We recommend having at least one more recognizable sound to play at the beginning/end of your Alexa skill to help brand the experience. Depending on your budget, you can use stock sounds for this as well, or commission a custom sound for your brand. As you grow your skill’s audience, you can even commission an entire custom sound pack for all of your sounds used throughout your Alexa skill (not just the intro/outro sound). 

Make It Easily Recognizable

Your Alexa skill is likely to get more views and consequently, more downloads when it’s easily recognizable.  This is a major marketing hack you should make use of. Make sure that the skill name and icon is catchy and also clearly states what it does. You should also write a description that is well-detailed and easy to understand.

Promote on Social Media

No better place to spread the word about your Alexa skill than on social media. From Instagram to Facebook, the list is endless. Make use of the paid ads feature on these platforms and target them appropriately. For example, on Facebook, you can target it towards those who ‘like’ the official Amazon Alexa page.

Get Your Existing Users to Give Reviews

Prompt those already using your Alexa skill to leave reviews. Many consumers depend on reviews to make their choices for them. You could employ all the methods above - but zero reviews could be the deal breaker. If your Alex skill is very new and you are yet to get any user, you could get your colleagues, friends, and family to use it and leave honest reviews. Having more reviews would also help you to rank higher on Amazon’s search.

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