7 Strategies to Advertise and Promote Your Podcast

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Podcasts are currently surging in popularity. The most recent studies found 22% of the US population listens to podcasts on a weekly basis - which means the format has a lot of potential as a strategy to attract new leads and generate sales. With this upward trend and the medium’s personal feel of interacting with listeners, podcasting is a great tool to strengthen your branding efforts and promote yourself as an expert in your industry.

We’ve already reviewed how to get your podcast started - but how do you get people to listen to it? A lot of work goes into recording your words of wisdom and insight before they are released into the wild, so how do you ensure your podcast reaches the attentive ears of your intended audience?

Read on to discover seven strategies you can use to advertise and promote your podcast.

1. Have Multiple Episodes Available on Launch Day

If your podcast is brand new, have three or four podcasts episodes published by the time you go live. This will give your audience more material to sink their teeth into, create a sense that you aren’t completely new to the scene, and help establish you as an expert in your field.

Seasoned podcasters upload at least one new podcast every week, but during your first few weeks a schedule of at least two podcasts will help your channel gain traction more quickly.

Any type of promotion or advertising you do will also create more buzz if you have more than a single episode to promote.

2. Run a Giveaway

Giveaways are an excellent way to boost your social profile, get yourself noticed by Apple Podcasts, and attract more followers.

Entry to the giveaway should be simple; shares, likes, and subscriptions are easy and intuitive ways for people to qualify as an entry. Leaving a review is another avenue you can provide for your listeners to enter the giveaway.

Giveaways should be interesting and exciting if you aim to generate buzz. Products related to your industry work best - such as an iTunes gift card for a music podcast, portable storage or iWatch for a tech show, or a gym bag packed with goodies for a health and fitness channel.

3. Ask Influencers to be on Your Show and Tap into Their Audience

Network with other influencers and ask for them to feature as a guest on your show. This strategy will give you access to an entirely new audience.

Your guest will naturally want to promote their appearance on your podcast, making this an excellent opportunity for cross-promotion. To help their promo efforts, create promotional material to make it easy for them to tell their audience about you - such as snippets of audio, social media images, or website banners they can use on their site and social media platforms.

You may get lucky and score an influencer who has a greater number of followers than you, but you will still see some benefit if the audience is the same, or even a little smaller.

4. Rank on Google with Show Notes

Show notes can work wonders as advertising copy to promote your podcast. Once the recording has been finalized, create show notes based on information contained in the show.

Show notes can be simple and not much more than a link to the show with a brief description of what it contains. Another quick way to add value with show notes is adding links out to other resources and your other channels such as YouTube. On the far end of the spectrum, some podcasters have success by creating a detailed list of contents of everything talked about during the episode and the timestamp for each item.

Another advantage to show notes is that they create an opportunity to have links to your podcast show up in the search results. Pay attention to keywords in your headings. For example, you can best leverage a high-profile guest’s name by including it in the title.

Show notes make it easier to promote via social media and maybe pick up a few more shares from your established audience.

5. Submit Your Podcast to Podcatchers

Podcatchers is a buzz-worthy term for an app which plays podcasts. Apple Podcasts is perhaps the biggest directory of podcasts with some 60 million people searching for digital content on the platform.

Being listed on podcatchers like Apple Podcasts will create a lot of potential for extra exposure. Google Podcasts is another podcast directory with millions of users. Other podcatchers where you should strive to get your podcast listed include Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn.

6. Promote on Forums

Forums can be tricky platforms for spreading the word about your podcast, as blatant advertising and self-promotion are rarely tolerated - and also throw a big “not cool” stamp your way by virtue of common sense internet manners. However, if you can get a word in without looking like a spammy self-promoter, it’s possible to siphon off significant traffic from some of the more popular sites.

Join a few forums which are related to the industry your podcast content will cover. If you are starting a podcast, then you obviously have some expertise to share, so start answering questions.

Once you’ve actually provided some value to the forum audience and proven yourself a member of the community, you can then start throwing in comments like “I talk more about this on my show” every now and then. Another easy, non-intrusive way to promote your show is to include the show title, tagline, and link in your post signatures or profile bio (so it always shows up with your profile or subtly at the bottom of each post).

Focusing on providing valuable information that helps the forum members solve the problem is the key to making the most of a forum. The other advantage to forum promotion is that you will be establishing yourself as an authority in your industry.

You can also gain more exposure for your podcast by visiting related websites and leaving helpful comments on blog posts. You may not get a do-follow link from your efforts, but busy blogs will lead a small percentage of readers to your podcast. Plus, the more comments you leave, the more traffic you will attract.

7. Repurpose Your Podcast Content

Using the content you cover during your podcasts in other mediums will give your SEO efforts more of a boost and make your content more searchable. A podcast is a perfect candidate for a YouTube video - and a transcription makes for an epic blog post.

Some of your audience won’t have a hour-long commute everyday to listen to a podcast. Some will prefer to learn via a video. Others will appreciate being able to skim a blog post for the information they need.

Creating more content affords you more opportunities to promote via social media, so be sure to blast each new piece of content to your social media channels at every opportunity.

As you can see, there’s quite a variety of ways to attract an audience to your podcast. There are many more opportunities out there to further promote your podcast such as paid advertising, getting featured on another podcast, and email marketing to name just a few.

It can be overwhelming to navigate all these different ways to advertise your podcast - so start with the basics. Learn what works and then add more channels to your promotion efforts as your skills and knowledge grow.

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